Hana Barklam

Hana Barklam

This project, ‘Instalandʼ explores the world of Instagram and Influencers and the way people are becoming increasingly concerned with the visibility of their online presence. People are frequently visiting ‘Instagrammableʼ places in hopes of getting the next best picture for their timeline, but with all the focus being on how things appear in photos, the real-life experience is losing its meaning. It can also be unhealthy to seek validation from empty things such as likes and comments; and becoming too caught up in this digital world can blur the lines of reality, not being able to differentiate which identity is real. These digital drawings use a luminous, glossy effect to reflect the unrealistically perfect, illusionary world that can be created on social media.


Email: h.barklam@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.hanabarklam.co.uk

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